Ekaterina Lutokhina

Colors and shapes
inspire me...

I am always wanted to be an artist, as I can remember myself. It just kind of inner need. I am draw from two years old. Absolutely consciously, I decided to enroll in art college, and then at the Art Institute in the 12-13 years old.

   Now i am a professional artist. I graduated from The Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov

Лутохина Екатерина

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Artist Ekaterina Lutokhina. The worst thing for any artist — indifferent spectators. The artist needs to be honest with yourself and spectators. Just what that really sincerely interested in the artist is able to cause an emotional response from the viewer.

Werner Herzog said: «If any one of the three hundred spectators came out of the cinema, feels that he is no longer alone, I mean achieved everything he wanted.» Can I ask more?

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My art is my life!              

Екатерина Лутохина — Российский художник, живописец, график. Окончила МГАХИ им. Сурикова.

Contact - ealutohina@mail.ru